Download the latest version of FoxTool 3.5!

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Download the latest version of FoxTool 3.5!

15 junio 2020

An outdoor intrusion detection project? With FoxTool, check its feasibility in a few clicks, and effectively prepare for its implementation. Choose your cameras and focal lengths yourself, and immediately see their impact on the detection area covered on your map.

Our new FoxTool 3.5 version is now available!

This version, even more complete and ergonomic, can be downloaded on request from the sales team. You can also use the contact form on the website.

Still have doubts?

Attend one of our demo webinars!

We have set up several 1-hour webinar sessions to train you on this software, and answer your questions. Do not hesitate to ask your usual sales representative for the next date, or click here to register using the form.

Why choose FoxTool?

Independent and multi-brand study tool
Can integrate your camera specifications

See you soon!